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2 days ago

Rubble Remains in the Streets of Tuscaloosa Alabama a Month After Tornado

More than a month after devastating tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa, Ala., killing more than 300 people, little rebuilding has been done and nearly 100 survivors are still living in shelters.

In fact, five people are still reported missing weeks after a tornado cut a six-mile-wide hole in the heart of Tuscaloosa.

While most residents said that the federal government appeared quickly and came to the rescue, they said the government is starting to move more slowly these days.

"America should definitely not forget about us," Tuscaloosa resident Naomi Wilson told ABC News. "These people in this area are going to be needing help for so long."

Tuscaloosa Mayor Walter Maddox, who has not taken a day off since the tragic storm, told ABC News that rebuilding can't begin while debris is still being moved off roads.

"You just can't change this overnight," he said. "Even though the damage that was sustained to Tuscaloosa took six minutes, it's probably going to take us six years to fully recover."

Families say it is disheartening and depressing to pass by piles of rubble that don't move and still to smell the snapped pine trees in the air. Fiberglass insulation and twisted metal still litter some streets.

Nearly 7,000 homes were destroyed when the tornado hit on April 27, but many people are still homeless. Close to 100 residents are still staying in the last open shelter, which will be closed next week.

"Where would I go? Sleep in the car? I don't know," said Vanessa Thomas, who is currently residing in the shelter.

Shirley Billingsley, 69, and her family worry they'll have to sleep outside their broken home. They want the federal government to bring them trailers or allow them to spend emergency money they received from FEMA on hotels or housing.

"Obama came in and he said, 'We gonna help everybody.' That's a lie!" Billingsley told ABC News. "Tell him Shirley said it, and she lives in Tuscaloosa, Ala."

Willy and Deangle Scott are doing much better than most of their neighbors. They had good insurance, so the bulldozers are coming next week to clear their lot and start rebuilding. They hope to be back in their new home by Christmas.

They had a message for other tornado victims in Joplin and Oklahoma: "A month from now you will not be healed," Willy Scott said, "but you will be healing."

3 days ago

Video: Red tape slowing Haitian rubble removal – Anderson Cooper 360

Sharon Mullins

This may not be the proper avenue for this request, but I have tried all other alleged "Haiti assistance programs" and gotten no where.

I am an RN who would like to go to Haiti and work either in one of the orphanages or somehow put my knowledge and interest to use. Why is it so hard and frustrating for the average person to go and help. I have contacted everything on line I can think of with no results. But it is apparent there is still so much need. I am competent, have an RN degree, am healthy, willing to do anything, and spend any amount of time, months, there. All I need to do is find someone to steer me in the right direction.

Please help with some connection.

Thanks, Sharon

2 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: More Than Just a Cardboard Box…

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We all need extra room and breathing space when things get on top of us. In busy, modern lives we sometimes just don't have time to keep an eye on the little things. If you've ventured into the dusty loft or opened up some rarely used cupboards in your home and you're faced with the daunting task of sorting through mess and clutter, Box Express have just what you need to make the seemingly impossible, boring task run a little bit more smoothly.

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3 weeks ago

Home Improvement :: A Lot More Than just A Cardboard Box...

Box Express can be your one stop shop for all things packaging related. . A well-drained soil is essential not only for successful plant growth but also where paths and walls are to be built.

Drainage may be impaired as the lower soil layers happen to be consolidated into a hard 'pan' about 450 mm (18 in) below the surface. In busy, modern lives we sometimes just don't have time to keep an eye fixed about the little things. One of the very most common goals we can achieve is which is to become more organised, this really is important for restoring order to your daily life and home - tidy house, tidy mind while they say!.

Earthenware and Plastic Pipes. natively, use gravel or sand to prevent clogging. Wet soils will also be cold, which retards plant growth. Strong-sided TV carboard boxes are an excellent temporary storage treatment for avoid little, but most likely very expensive, damages.

A soakaway will be the simplest form of drainage with an isolated patch which stays wet after heavy rain. At the beginning of each year, we set ourselves achievable goals and identify ways we could improve ourselves and our environment to become more productive. To see all packing solutions available and keep as much as date with product news and offers, head over towards the Box Express website, check out the Twitter page @boxexpress or just like the Box Express Facebook page.

Large polythene bags always come in handy for day to day use or when you're creating a good clear out. At the start of each year, we set ourselves achievable goals and identify ways we can improve ourselves and our environment to become more productive. This might be caused by continual treading or by heavy construction machinery. This might be due to continual treading or by heavy construction machinery. It is also useful to consider the overflow and occasional outlet from a small garden pond.

Cover the pipes with coarse rubble, and then protect this layer with upturned sods of turf if you've had to dig these up. natively, use gravel or sand to prevent clogging. However, as it is draining a much larger area, it ought to be deeper.

Construct the soakaway by the same method suggested for draining an isolated wet patch. . However, as it is draining a much larger area, it ought to be deeper.

4 weeks ago

Volkswagen Survives World War 2

Volkswagen is an auto manufacturer based out of Wolfsburg, Germany. Translated literally, Volkswagen means "People's Car" and has an inauspicious beginning to say the least. Unfortunately for the company it would be linked is people's minds for many years with Adolf Hitler. While it seems to have shed this negative connotation in the years after World War II, it wasn't always that way.

Ferdinand Porsche was contacted by Hitler because he was interested in a vehicle that was suited for working class people. Several designs were discussed and after working with Han Ledwinka who later designed the KdF-wagen in 1938, Porsche finally agreed to help Hitler create the "peoples car".

An advertising campaign was developed through which people were encouraged to save five marks per week toward the purchase of their own car. This was an investment program founded by Volkswagen to help people purchase their own vehicles. After World War II, when Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany, Volkswagen's headquarters and Factory wound up in West Germany. Volkswagen went on to honor savings agreements held by individuals in West Germany only. The Volkswagen Beetle was the first car produced by the company and by 1936 already has the distinctive round shape that would make the car famous.

The Volkswagen factory was completed in before the war started however, none of the vehicles produced was ever delivered to any of the original savings holders. The only one produced by the factory pre war to find its way into the hands of a driver was the one presented to Hitler for his 49th birthday. It was a type 1 convertible that was presented on April 20, 1938.

Once Germany entered the war all factories including Volkswagen were switched over to produce military vehicles only. Throughout the war, Volkswagen continued to produce utility vehicles for the war effort. In 1945, the Americans captured the factory and handed it over to the British for utilization and occupation. It was placed into the hands of British Army Major Ivan Hirst. Had not Hirst seen the potential in the former military plant, the factory would have no doubt been reduced to rubble in the intent to see Germany stripped of most of its industrial capabilities. It was Hirst who saw the value of continuing to produce military vehicles at the plant. At one time, to get his point across to high-ranking officers, Major Hirst painted one of factories cars green as a demonstration for the British Army's top brass. The war had caused a shortage of light vehicles all over the planet and Britain was not spared. Immediately, British top army officers saw the potential and ordered 20,000 vehicles immediately.

The ability to produce this many vehicles was quite a feat considering how much damage had been sustained by the heavy bombing that had occurred near the end of the war.

Soon both the company and the town had changed its names and production of the round vehicles continued at an increased pace. The factory was actually slated to be dismantled and shipped to Britain for reassembly. Fortunately, for Volkswagen, no one in Britain wanted the German car factory. The Morgenthau Plan called for removal of all German war potential by disassembling all of Germany's heavy industry. This plan was later scrapped when it was eventually realized as an unattainable goal.

By: Ronnie Tanner

Article Directory:

Ronnie Tanner is a contributing writer at SW Engines. He writes about used Volkswagen engines and other industry specific topics.

4 weeks ago

The week in 38 photos

Revelers dressed as the Krampus creature parade through the street during the annual "Krampus Run" in Fieberbrunn, Austria, on Saturday, December 3. Krampus is a half-goat, half-demon figure from Alpine folklore and during the Christmas season, many people in Austria and other parts of Central Europe dress up as the horned figure. Krampus seeks to punish children who have misbehaved -- a contrast to Saint Nicholas, who rewards children for good behavior.

A demonstrator is arrested by police outside the state Legislature during a protest against newly proposed austerity measures in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, December 6. Hundreds of public sector workers have been protesting against possible spending cuts in the cash-strapped country.

A gray seal pup rolls on the sand near the Donna Nook Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire, England, on Monday, December 5.

Frank Springs hugs the US flag that draped the casket of his uncle, Jim H. Johnston, a Navy Fireman 1st Class, who was buried with full military honors in Wesson, Mississippi, on Wednesday, December 7.

Britain's Prince Harry talks on the phone in support of Sentebale -- a charity that helps orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic -- during the annual ICAP Charity Day in London on Wednesday, December 7.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, meets with Binali Yildirim, Prime Minister of Turkey, at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday, December 6.

Wesley Clark Jr. kneels in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Fort Yates, North Dakota, on Monday, December 5. A group of US veterans asked Native Americans to forgive the military actions carried out against the Native American people throughout history.

A three-dimensional image of an Egyptian mummy is projected above a sarcophagus in a joint British-Australian exhibition in Sydney on Thursday, December 8. The three-dimensional images of six ancient Egyptian mummies, aged between 900 BC and 140-180 AD, have been held at the British Museum but never physically unwrapped. The images give insight into what it was like to live along the Nile River thousands of years ago.

A girl kicks a ball during a sports lesson at a school in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Tuesday, December 6.

A group of cats wait for evaluation by a judge during a cat show in Moscow on Sunday, December 4.

Dried-earth pits are filled with various dyes and liquids at the Chouara Tannery in Fez, Morocco, on Tuesday, December 6. The Chouara Tannery is in the ancient Medina of Fez, a UNESCO Heritage Sight.

The US Capitol Christmas Tree stands at the West Front Lawn during a lighting ceremony in Washington on Tuesday, December 6. This year's tree is an 80-foot Engelmann Spruce from the Payette National Forest in Idaho.

A Syrian Army soldier places a Syrian flag in the ground during a battle with rebel fighters in Aleppo, Syria, on Monday, December 5.

4 weeks ago

CHF International and Caterpillar Named Finalists in U.S. Chamber of Commerce Corporate Citizenship Award

SILVER SPRING, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CHF International, the Silver Spring-MD based international development

and humanitarian assistance organization, with its private sector

partner Caterpillar, today announced it has been selected as one of four

finalists in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Business Civic and

Leadership Center (BCLC) Corporate Citizenship Awards. The prestigious

award, now in its 11th year, recognizes leading companies and

their nonprofit partners. You can vote for them here.

CHF and Caterpillar are finalists not only because of the impact of

their joint response in the days and months following the January 12