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Sick 9/11 Workers Sue WTC Insurance Fund

Ailing ground zero workers went to court Tuesday to demand that the company overseeing a $1 billion Sept. 11 insurance fund spend the money to pay for their health care.

The workers have already filed a class-action lawsuit claiming the toxic dust from the World Trade Center site gave them serious, sometimes fatal diseases. On Tuesday, they sought compensation from the WTC Captive Insurance Co., the company in charge of money appropriated by Congress to deal with Sept. 11 health-related claims.

"The WTC Captive has consistently refused to pay any of the ground zero workers who have become ill on the work site, including any compensation" for lost salaries, pain and suffering, medical treatment, medical monitoring or burial expenses, said the lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court.

It was filed by attorneys representing thousands who became ill after working to clean up the site while breathing toxic trade center dust, including more than 100 who have died.

"She hasn't paid a penny to one of my 10,000 people," David Worby, an attorney representing the workers, said of the company's CEO, Christine LaSala. "It was their mandate."

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was named in the suit along with LaSala and board members, said Tuesday that attorneys are wrong about the company's structure.

"They just don't know the facts. The truth of the matter is, Congress didn't set up a victims' compensation fund," the mayor said. "We'd like them to do that, we've asked for that, they set up a captive insurance company. And the insurance company can only pay out monies if somebody sues us in court and wins a judgment against us."

Congress directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to set up the fund, appropriating up to $1 billion "to establish a captive insurance company or other appropriate insurance mechanism for claims arising from debris removal, which may include claims made by city employees," according to the 2003 resolution.

The lawsuit, relying on testimony from federal officials over the years about the fund's purpose, said officials meant for the money to be used to compensate ailing workers. Federal and state governments never said "that a captive insurance company be established solely to defend the city of New York and its contractors from all rescue, recovery and debris removal related claims, at all costs," the lawsuit said.

In this case, the term "captive" refers to an entity created specifically to cover 9/11-related claims for the New York City government.

Since it began operating in 2004, the company has spent more than $73 million of the insurance money in legal fees and other expenses, the lawsuit says.

Worby and other attorneys plan to go to Washington later this week to lobby congressional leaders to urge the company to make the $1 billion available immediately for sick workers.

The largest study conducted of about 20,000 ground zero workers reported last year that 70 percent of patients suffer respiratory disease years after the cleanup. The city earlier this year added to its Sept. 11 death toll a woman who died in 2002 of lung disease, five months after being caught in the dust cloud of the collapsing twin towers.

Bloomberg and other city officials have estimated the cost of caring for the workers who are sick or who could become sick at $393 million a year and urged the federal government to pay for their treatment and monitoring.

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Tips on Excavation for New Driveways

Excavation is the most important step in the construction of new driveways. An improperly excavated drive will be falling apart in a few years, costing you much more in repairs than a proper installation would have in the first place. Invest in this process to ensure your driveway will be sturdy and strong for years to come.

How Deep to Dig?

There are three factors that determine how deeply the excavation will need to go. The type of soil, the style of driveway and the size or shape of it are all factors in this portion of the project. An experienced contractor will take these things into account when calculating the depth required. There needs to plenty of room for both the drainage bedding and foundation of the new driveway.

Is Machinery Necessary?

The excavation may be done by hand in some situations, but that will depend mainly on the extent of the excavation and the type of soil. At least some of the digging will be done by hand, but it's best to assume that at least a portion of it will require the use of machinery. Be sure that your http://www.rubbleremovalinjohannesburg.co.za/ neighbours are informed of the work that is going to be happening at your home, since the machinery may be loud and take up parking room on the street.

Removal of the Existing Driveway

For concrete drives or tarmac surfaces the contractor will likely bring in a pneumatic drill to break up the surface. A digger will also be used to cart away the heavy chunks and quite likely a bin or a dump truck will be needed to cart the rubble away. Some of this can be used for recycling purposes, but often the cost of removal and disposal is a fair portion of the overall cost of the project.

Surrounding Conditions

It's very likely that the lawn and gardens surrounding new driveways will not survive the installation process. Due to the heavy work happening around them, the traffic from machinery and the workers may cause some damage. Beware of this risk and move any tender plants and bushes well before the project starts. Transplant them back to the new location after all the work is completed and you have replenished the soil with organics.

Excavation is a necessary part in the construction of new driveways. It may be a lengthy, costly and possibly slightly destructive process, but in taking the time to do it properly your contractor will be providing the optimum base for your new driveway.

Getting new driveway quotes can be a chore, go online where you can get the best prices on these as well as UPVC windows or doors

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Reliable Removals- Rubble Removals in Johannesburg, Gauteng



If you need to remove rubble in Johannesburg, we at Reliable Rubble are just the people for you. We efficiently remove rubble from houses, big and small construction sites and even from complexes, but in small amounts because of complex rules.Nothing is too big or small for us to handle.

With our quick turnaround time, and our hassle free commitment to our jobs, all you need to do is call us once and we get rid of all your building rubble, tree felling waste, garden refuse and any other form of refuse.

We offer our services throughout great Johannesburg from Randburg, Parktown North, Fourways, Bryanstaon, Sandton, Midrand, Blairgowrie, North Riding to the Eastand, Alberton, Befordview, Germiston and more. We handle all our operations from our base in West Rand.

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Our house and domestic jobs are carried out using a 6 ton truck. However complexes usually don't allow a 6 ton truck to enter their premises because of their narrow entrance gates and paving weight limits. This is why we suggest the use of 1 ton loads in such situations.

All our trucks are loaded by our own staff, and nothing needed to be done by your staff. We can load as many as 4 loads per day. Our 6 ton trucks have a capacity which is slightly more than the capacity of a 6 cube-skip, but has added benefits.

Our first priority is offering our customers efficient rubble removal solutions for their cluttered building sites or homes. You thus need not worry about any rubble or garden waste in your home as the simple solution of rubble removal can make your life so much simpler and better. In case our truck cannot be parked within 4 meters of the rubble, we charge an additional labor fee of R300.00.

We however do not collect and remove reeds or any form of hazardous waste. We also do not cut trees, and all the rubble from broken down walls should be ready for collection or rather, in moveable form. We also offer this service, if required, at an additional charge based on the job. Our services are closed on Sundays.

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Rubble can be removed from an area using various methods and ways. Some people use variable sized skip bins, where the bins used are of different size, based on the size of the rubble.Some of our trucks even have their own skip bins on its back. The rubble is collected and loaded into the skip bins using special machinery. Sometimes, the entire skip has to be loaded onto the truck, and transported to the dumping site.

This dumping site where the rubble is dumped is a legal building site. Once the rubble is dumped, the recyclable materials are taken for recycling. Recycling is not only friendly to the environment, and is part of the rubble removal process. Sometimes, rubble can grow dangerous if it's not properly managed. With the right management of rubble, it can lead to a safer and cleaner way of living.

Johannesburg is a beautify city, which is why we at Rubble Removal Johhanesburg all work together to keep it rubble and waste free all the time. We follow our company's goal of keeping all areas of this beautiful city clean as no job is too big for us!

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Remains of 40 Confederate soldiers discovered in Virginia cemetery

Their remains sat, unmarked, in shallow graves at the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Va., for decades. Now, some 150 years after the Civil War, the bodies of 40 Confederate soldiers discovered over the past two months will receive a proper memorial.

"It's been very meaningful to us to find these spots, identify these soldiers and bring closure to families," said Ted Delaney, the cemetery's assistant director, who, along with a team of archaeologists, uncoveredthe exact resting place of some 40 Confederate soldiers as well as the plots where Union soldiers were once buried and later exhumed.

Delaney told FoxNews.com that, beginning in April, the team dug a 45-by-10-foot trench

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Army corrections in Mannheim: past, present, future.

Today, the city of Mannheim, Germany, is more than 500 years old.

It was established at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers in

western Germany in 1507. Due to the ease of inland water transportation

and the Rhine River valley's superb agricultural production, the

city rapidly expanded. Just before the Industrial Age, the city's

fertile ground and ability to transport water combined with a growing

population that included local inventors and entrepreneurs, leading the

city to economic significance by the late 19th century.


In 1940, Mannheim became one of the first major industrial centers

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Global Citizenship in Practice with the Goal of Growing Together; Sae-A Trading, Top Global Apparel Manufacturer, Donates 12,000 Hygiene Kits & a Truc

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sae-A Trading Co., Ltd ("Sae-A"), a leading global apparel manufacturer

and exporter headquartered in Korea has donated several thousand hygiene

kits and a cargo transport vehicle to the J/P Haitian Relief

Organization (www.jphro.org).

Founded immediately after the January 12, 2010 earthquake, J/P HRO is a

well established NGO in Haiti which works with both government and

non-governmental agencies to deliver immediate results where the need is

greatest. Principal efforts include providing emergency medical and

primary care services, delivering badly needed medical equipment and