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1 year ago

Car Hacking: What Every Connected Driver Needs to Know

Many new cars are equipped with wireless technology that can make a driver's time on the road more stress-free and entertaining, but the technology can also bring a dark side.

Two hackers were able to take control of a connected Jeep Cherokee from their living room as a Wired reporter, who agreed to be their test case, drove the SUV down the highway at 70 mph, according to the article.

Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the two hacking experts behind the stunt, were able to access the SUV's Internet connected computer system and then rewrite the firmware to plant the malicious code allowing them to commandeer the vehicle, including everything from the air conditioning and music to the Jeep's steering, brakes and transmission, according to Wired.

Miller works as a security researcher at Twitter, while Valasek is the Director of Security Intelligence at IOActive, an industry leader in comprehensive computer security services.

While it may seem like an extreme case, experts say connected car drivers need to be proactive in order to ensure they don't potentially fall victim to a sophisticated hacking attack that could have the potential to cause serious human and physical damage on the road.

"In this particular case, [the hackers] have created a zero day exploit that has been undiscovered," Robert Siciliano, an online safety expert to Intel security, told ABC News. "Now, because the researchers are good guys, they have made the car makers aware of it and a patch is in the process of being deployed, but in many cases that will require effort on the part of the consumer."

Senators Edward J. Markey, D-Massachusetts, and Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., announced new legislation this week aimed at creating federal standards for connected cars. The senators also want a ratings system established to let consumers know how well their connected car protects their security and privacy.

"Rushing to roll out the next big thing, automakers have left cars unlocked to hackers and data-trackers," Blumenthal said in a statement. "This common-sense legislation protects the public against cyber criminals who exploit exciting advances in technology like self-driving and wireless connected cars."

Fiat Chrysler, which manufactures Jeep Cherokees and other cars using the UConnect system, said in a statement the team behind the Cherokee hack had been in communication with the automaker about their work.

To the company's knowledge "there has not been a single real world incident of an unlawful or unauthorized remote hack," into any of their vehicles, the statement said.

Car owners can enter their vehicle identification number on UConnect's website to find out if they need to download an update.

If an update is needed, car owners can download the update to a USB drive and install it in a vehicle,

"FCA will be contacting potentially affected customers with these details and has provided the software update to the FCA US dealer network for immediate customer installation," the statement said.

The company said vulnerabilities have been fixed in model 2015 vehicles.

Siciliano, the online security expert, said while many connected car owners are likely to be on some sort of distribution list from their dealership, being proactive is crucial.

"Do you own due diligence," he said. "Do some research now to make sure if there is a recall, patch you are first in line to get it."

1 year ago

Carports Brisbane

For many people, their major residence is without doubt one of the greatest investments of their lives and contemplating the prices of properties these days, one can't be surprised by this reality. TNT metal carports are some of the greatest in the enterprise, this is because these carports are made within the United States and never out of the country like China or another country the place they used subpar quality elements and have very poor working situations which you little question would doubtless not want to help to begin with. TNT carports gained is well-known for having high quality customer support and being able to customize any order or to any clients liking.

Within the exception of some few circumstances, carports being constructed in environmental management zones, emerging group zones, rural zones, rural residential zones and township zones primarily fall in the self assessable growth zones. Whether your private home was constructed with out a storage or if the garage is simply too small, freestanding carports would possibly someday turn into crucial.

Wooden carports are the perfect fitted to tying into existing buildings and then trimmed out and roofed to match. The smaller steel carports are advertized as only taking two folks between three and eight hours to assemble. The draw back of utilizing aluminum carports -/2009/09/ kits for an attached carport is your roof choice is usually limited to a flat roof or a single slope roof.

Customization Alternatives - Metal RV carports could be personalised to nearly any requirements possible. These offers will also be improved and/or customized with finish closures, aspect sections, extra storage space, insulating materials and many additional choices. Value - Steel carports are usually a lot less expensive than their wood made counterparts and can be utilized to grow size for a house or workplace for a portion of normal costs. Carports are designed from a powder-coated or galvanized metal frame and a prime additionally made out of steel or heavy-responsibility polyethylene.

1 year ago

Kevin Keen

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Carport and Steel Buildings Expert

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Carport Empire is one of the largest distributors of quality carports, RV Covers, carport garages, steel buildings and RV carports in the United States. We currently offer installation in all 48 continental states and have a trained staff of steel building specialists waiting to take your phone call. If you are looking to make a smart investment in a steel building or carport, then you are looking for Carport Empire.

We have several distribution centers to allow for prompt delivery and installation of your new steel building, carport, carport garage or RV covers / carport. Our corporate offices are conveniently located in north Florida near the intersection of Interstate 75 and Interstate 10 in Live Oak, FL. This is also home to our superior service department and our team of qualified service technicians who are waiting to assist with all your service needs.

Visit Carport Empire for more information at Carport For Sale or call (800) 985-7678

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1 year ago

Cars: Affordable uxury car. - Free Online Library


WHEN it comes to large cars, many are real bargains after a few years on the road because they suffer from huge depreciation.

This holds true for the executive models from all of the mainstream car makers and even some prestige cars are not immune.

The worst hit for new buyers are the large models from Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot and the like, which depreciate like a lift in freefall.

But this makes them great bargains second-hand, even though some, like the Ford Scorpio, are cheaper to run than other smaller cars.

The last Scorpio, with its hang-dog face, went out of production because of consistently poor sales. The 'fish eye' look may have had something to do with that, but I know a number of people who like its individuality and would be happy to have another.

There is little doubting the German-built Scorpio's prowess when it comes to eating up the miles in big comfort. It's one of the most affordable luxury cars on the market.

Depreciation makes the price drop like ice cream sales in November and on top of that, maintenance is reasonable at dealers and peanuts at your friendly neighbourhood fettler, while parts have always been among the lowest priced on the market.

The Scorpio is great to drive, with very direct and responsive power steering and marvellous seat and steering column height adjustment

The interior is huge and almost up to limousine levels of comfort and the estate has Volvo-rivalling loadspace.

Engines start with a two-litre which, surprisingly, offersreasonable performance, giving 0 to 60 miles an hour in 10.5 seconds andgood acceleration through the gears, which is even more important.

In the last three years of its life, a very smooth and quiet 2.3-litre four was also offered, and this 145 bhp 16 valve engine is still used in the Galaxy people carrier.

Next up the range comes a fine 2.5-litre turbo diesel which offers 35-plus mpg and good performance for an oil burner.

And then we come to the silky smooth 2.9 V6's, a 12 valve with 150 bhp and the storming 24 valve with 195 or, later, 207 bhp.

These are only available with an excellent four speed automatic gearbox and many of the others with smaller engines were also fitted with it, making them wonderfully easy to drive.

The Scorpio is a motorised armchair capable of huge mileages without problems and with an excellent record for reliability. Buy right, with service history, and you are very likely to find a bargain that will last for years.

But remember, the depreciation doesn't stop when you take delivery, so get the price down as low as you can.

Specification is good even in lower models, and top Scorpios have electrically adjustable leather seats, air con and all the other trimmings.


Model: Ford Scorpio.

Driving: Comfortable, refined and a good handler.

Performance: Fair in two-litre, good in 2.3.

Recommended Buy: 2.3 with history in any spec.

Price Guide: Pay around pounds 1,200 for a '96 N-reg 2.0 Ghia auto, pounds 1,800 for a '97 P-reg 2.3 Ultima. A '98 R-reg 2.5 T-D Ghia estate should be about pounds 1900.


CURVY: the distinctive back end of the Ford Scorpio DROOPY: the firsh-eye front of Ford Scorpio

1 year ago

Creative Use Of A Metallic Carport

This voyage has taken me to many places - one in all which is a website I ran from August 2007 till early 2012 that marketed the MDM Rhino Shelter brand of.. you guessed it.. Portable Garages and Shelters (Their web site is MDM Shelters in case you are all for seeing what they have - this is not my website since I not have that specific business, but their official site. I asked one of many Baja representatives I spoke with what number of photo voltaic carports they're now constructing frames for within the U.S. and Canada. Baja isn't simply building solar carports at traditional shopping center sort places and spaces either. For example, it just lately helped construct an built-in photo voltaic RV and boat cupboard space at Santee Lakes Campground in Santee, Calif. A solution proposed to make higher use of our space and cut back our carbon footprint is solar carports.

Not even the legal council for the property house owners followed up with manufacturer regarding the carports capacity to resist Minnesota weather. Fourth, the Minnesota Division of Health has been inspecting the park and citing the carports in a number of past inspection experiences, without enforcing it's personal guidelines. Many companies use storage sheds to go away more room within the office areas for working.

Within the exception of some few circumstances, carports being constructed in environmental management zones, rising group zones, rural zones, rural residential zones and township zones primarily fall within the self assessable development zones. Whether or not your private home was constructed with out a storage or if the storage is just too small, freestanding carports might in the future grow to be essential.

Moreover, you will be assured of getting a perfect enclosure for such a storage structure with such doorways. Carports are normally product of sturdy sturdy materials that can deal with exposure to the elements day after day. Most trendy carports are nonetheless, often made with some sort of metal support even the ones that include mostly wood and vinyl. Although carports don't have partitions or a structure that encloses it utterly, it can be customized in response to your needs, and is unquestionably a less expensive various to a garage. Whereas using carports was previously restricted only to autos, right this moment, people are also trying to it as an excellent outside storage space.

Very best target markets for a lot of airport advertising on shadeports by the model sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer. Nothing like airport advertising on shadeports to capture the eye of arriving travellers earlier than the explosion of branding at the predominant venues. The shadenet on the shadeports on the airports will be made up in the background color of alternative and printed with the emblem and mission assertion of the corporate occasion sponsors. A back panel might be made up, printed and put in on the airport advertising on shadeports to present further model coverage and influence. Shadeports Birchleigh are fast and easily installed and we provide the lowest shadeport prices in Birchleigh.

1 year ago

Astronomy and Car Names

Saturn - The planet Saturn is best known for its extensive ring system. So far the cars do not have rings around them.

Subaru - Subaru is the Japanese word for Pleiades. The seven sisters of the Pleiades is a small cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. Despite having seven in its name, most people can only see six stars with the naked eye. A telescope can reveal a few hundred. The star emblem on Subaru cars represents the naked eye stars in this cluster.

Ford Taurus - The constellation Taurus represents a bull in ancient mythology. The cars have been a popular Ford model starting in the mid 1980s.

Nissan Pulsar - A pulsar is a rapidly rotating neutron star, and the core left over after a massive star undergoes a supernova explosion. The best known astronomical pulsar is the Crab Nebula Pulsar in the constellation Taurus.

Chevrolet Nova - A nova is a stellar explosion on the surface layers of a white dwarf star. It is nowhere near as violent as a supernova explosion. The cars were made from the 1960s through the late 1980s. Nova cars reputedly did not sell well in Spanish speaking countries because the name nova translates to no go in Spanish.

Ford Galaxy - A galaxy is a collection of up to several hundred billion stars, such as the Milky Way galaxy in which our Sun and solar system are located. The cars were a popular Ford model in the 1960s.

Ford Comet - A comet is a small ball of ice and rock that grows a long spectacular tail of evaporated icy materials and dust as the comet comes close to the Sun. The cars were a compact Ford model in the 1960s.

Mercury - The planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun and named for the mythological messenger god, perhaps because of its speedy trips around the Sun.

Mercury Meteor - A meteor is a chunk of rock flying through space that burns in our atmosphere as it falls towards Earth. The car was made by Mercury for only two years in the early 1960s, so like its astronomical counterpart it burned out quickly. My first car was an old barely running 1963 Mercury Meteor.

Mitsubishi Eclipse - An solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's shadow falls on Earth, and a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon.

Can you think of more astronomical car names?

1 year ago

Metal Carports by Frederic Miller

Most men and women purchase a carport framework to safeguard valued goods like a car or truck, boat, RV, motorbike, and far more. Some purchase it for the dual goal of shelter for property and an entertaining spot. Metal structures are a sensible investment irrespective of the shelter function. Metal is not susceptible to cracking or warping from publicity to drinking water or fire and the irreversible damage that insects and rodents can result in. The only downfall to obtaining a steel framework essentially has to do with its physical appearance. Steel whether or not in its all-natural grayish tone or colored in white, has an industrial physical appearance that may possibly not appeal to you but it is vital to bear in mind that the framework is basically made to serve a precise function of furnishing solid and sturdy shelter.

When picking involving numerous steel structures, the thickness of the material is a great indicator as to its durability. Metal resources are presented a gauge or quantity that indicates the thickness or density of the material. The larger this range, the stronger the structure will be consequently it is also much more costly to obtain. If you have a option concerning a single or one piece roof construction over one that is manufactured of several panels, generally pick the single piece roof building. The a single piece development is specifically designed to stand up to even the worse outside problems such as winds of upwards to 80 miles per hour.

Steel carports commonly arrive in kits that are effortless to assemble and set up. The style of installation generally dictates the total of time it will take. Stand on your own structures are less complicated to assemble and setup because they do not have to be anchored to an additional framework. Semi-attached structures want to be installed adjacent to an current construction like a garage or the side of your dwelling. Regardless the style or size construction you obtain, it is always a great thought to instill the aid of a number of associates.

TNT carports is a wonderful business to contemplate when hunting into what maker or retailer you want to go to to get your metal setting up and your carports from. There are a complete slew of distinct choices that you can select from to get all kinds of unique buildings and carports from them, and it can be instead daunting to determine upon which you should go with. There are a lot of different web pages both in the retail sector as well as on the World wide web, and it can simply just come to feel like there's too much pick. It stands to explanation, that the time it takes to exploration prices income as effectively, in particular for corporations who do not have the manpower or the time to do the homework crucial to uncover the very best item. So let this guide be the exploration that you require, go with TNT carports as your key choice.

TNT carports substantially like all the other trustworthy carport firms Alamo current market are headquartered and stationed inside of North Carolina at their Mount airy facility. This corporation has been close to for rather a though, and started his relatives business and then eventually moved onto more full scale carport retailer and producer that stabs properly over 100 workers at the recent time.